Sanitizing Men’s Accessories

Do you find an unpleasant smell emitting from your accessories? Can you spot blackened grime between the links of your watches, bracelets, or cufflinks? If yes, then it is an indicator that you are failing to maintain your accessories. It could be your wrist watch or fitness tracker, these gadgets are subjected to our sweat which can lead to their wear-and-tear over a period of time. However, if you take efforts to sanitize them, they will probably last you for a longer duration.

Remember that salts are released when we sweat and if they come in contact with gold or silver jewels, they become susceptible to rusting. This process is non-reversible and you may not be able to wear the jewels again. There may be products that help in reversing the rusting process. But, it is advisable to take precautions for preventing such incidences.

Basic Nightly Routine

Throughout the day, your watches, rings, and bracelets are exposed to sunscreens and sweat. For this reason, at the end of the day, you must clean the items with a washcloth for removal of moisture and creams.

Over a period of time, the fashion items such as the men’s silver bracelets have a tendency of gathering rust as a result of the fatty acids that are released in sweat. Therefore, it is not sufficient to only clean with a cloth every night. You need to follow a regular maintenance schedule for keeping your jewels sparkling clean and sanitized.

Regular Maintenance

There is a simple solution to sanitize accessories including men’s gold and silver ornaments. All you need is water and an antibacterial soap. The instructions are seen in the following details.

We will need 2 bowls. Fill one with plain water and the other bowl should be loaded with leather produced from the antibacterial soap along with water.

If you are cleaning a watch, you must take care to only immerse the watch strap in the soap-filled water for 15 seconds or so. Clutch the watch dial to protect it from getting wet. This is important because if water seeps inside the dial, there is a possibility that it becomes dysfunctional. However, if you are sterilizing a bracelet or ring, you should just drop it in the soapy water.

The next step is to take a toothbrush and wet the bristles with water. Now, scrub the items with the brush, again make sure that your watch’s dial does not come in contact with water or soap.

Follow by dipping the ornaments into the bowl containing only water.

Lastly, use a clean cloth to wipe the items.

Before wearing the items, make sure that they are dry.

We adorn accessories as they complement our outfits and enhance our overall appearance. However, if they are not cleaned they tend to gather dirt and may lose their sheen. The purpose of wearing the items is lost then because they will not uplift you’re outwardly look. Also, jewels are expensive and you may not get the returns from your investment in them if you do not maintain them properly. Keep in mind that if they get rusted, it is difficult to reverse the process. Be wise and take the required measures for getting the maximum returns from your investment in the ornaments.